Stepping Stones Holistic Healing

Acupressure Massage, Cupping Massage, Jade Stone Massage & Chakra Balancing                                  in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island

Providing you with the benefits of  Acupressure Massage, Cupping Massage,

Jade Stone Massage & Chakra Balancing


 Promoting balance in the body, mind and spirit


Located in Qualicum Bay

just 10 minutes North of Qualicum Beach




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A deeply relaxing Japanese ancient art combining full body massage and pressure points to gently release stress, muscle tension, aches and energy blockages.

Lighter techniques are used on the pregnant, elderly and children.

Cupping Massage may be incorporated into your session


60 Minutes - $70

90 Minutes - $100



Lori Chesley Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Acupressure Jade stone & Chakra Balancing Massage YoungLiving Member #3126648 Vancouver Island, BC



Ancient nephrite jade stones are known for their use in deep therapeutic massage.

This hot and cold stone massage will work to increase your circulation, energize your body, boost your immune system and improve your overall well being. This may be combined with an Oriental Bodywork session. Jade Stone Massage may not be used on the elderly or pregnant.



60 Minutes - $90

90 Minutes - $120



Combining the benefits of oriental bodywork, jade stone massage and energy work together.

This session uses massage and Chakra Balancing with gemstones to maximize your energy flow while improving your spiritual, physical and mental well being.

Essential Oils and Cupping may also be incorporated into this session



60 Minutes - $90

90 minutes - $120



Currently, Holistic Healing Therapies are not covered by M.S.P. However, some companies offer extended health benefits to their employees, which may cover treatment with a Doctor’s referral.

  The services offered at Stepping Stones Holistic Healing are in no way meant to replace the advice or treatment of a physician. Always consult your physician in the event of serious injury, illness, or about medication.